Eusol Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 in Taipei, Taiwan with the original intention of developing new drug for unmet medical need and has focused on the field of CNS drugs for many years. The investigational growth factor protein drug, ES135 was produced by Eusol's PICs/GMP pilot plant certified by TFDA in 2008 and a phase 3 clinical trial for spinal cord injury has been carried out in 2018. We also developed a 3-in-1 combination sleep aid, its phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials were conducted in Europe and the United States, respectively. Considering  the long time and high cost needed for new drug development and the increasing demand for medical care in an aging society, Eusol has adjusted its business strategy in 2022. We decided to reprioritize and focus on the development of generic drugs with special formulations through partnership and/or co-development. We outsourced manufacturing and co-developed niche generic drugs with other pharmaceutical companies.  Meanwhile, Eusol is also well poised to find medicines for patients with special needs.  The company is now on a different evolution trajectory, and we are committed to working in a forceful and energetic way to accelerate the company growth.