Since 2005, Eusol has been collaborating with the medical team at the Neural Regeneration Center at TVGH and Professor Henrich Cheng, the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and the Chief of the Neural Regeneration Center, in order to evaluate the efficacy of rhFGF1 in combination with Professor Cheng’s neurosurgical technology when given to patients with spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries.
Over the years, rhFGF1 has been evaluated by a series of clinical studies conducted at VGH Taipei, and significant and dramatic improvements were observed in some cases. These were filmed in a documentary that was presented in a National Geography special report. The study results of an 88-subject, phase II clinical trial for rhFGF1 for the repair of traumatic spinal cord and spinal nerves, which was conducted at Taipei VGH, were submitted and accepted by MOHW at the conclusion of the clinical trial in January, 2011. Subsequently, TFDA granted Taipei VGH an Expanded Access (Compassionate Use) program for the use of Eusol Biotech’s rhFGF1 in order to treat 100 subjects with acute or chronic spinal cord injuries. The program started in July 2011 and completed in August 2014. The resulting clinical study report was submitted for TFDA review in December 2015.